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Perched on the rocky shoreline of Lake Superior, where the thick Northwoods of Minnesota meet the majestic, deep waters of Gichigami, “big water”,  is a place full of natural wonder and inspiration.  Along its shoreline, flows the Gooseberry river, where the essence of it’s water spills over three magnificent plunges and cascades,  known as Gooseberry Falls.  This is where Gooseberry Apothecary was born.  Growing up on the North Shore was full of exploration and discovery.  This is where Kristi got her inspiration and education using the abundance of natural resources for the purpose of healing that surrounded her hometown of Two Harbors.
Seeking out alternatives after having anaphylaxis to many antibiotics including a rare serious reaction, Stevens Johnson syndrome, autoimmune disease and a rare form of cancer,  Kristi turned back to her roots.  Having a passion for research with a background in dental hygiene, viticulture and herbalism along with a deep connection with nature, Kristi formulated natural remedies, using adaptogenic plants for stress and antioxidants for boosting immunity. Utilizing botanical medicine, she believes it is vital to address wellness on all levels in order to create balance and homeostasis.
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